Making Bodies Better

  1. Max AC Vitamin Injection Kit
    In general, weight loss is extremely beneficial for the body. Among other perks, the process helps reduce the risk of major health conditions and boosts your self-esteem. However, the weight loss journey can sometimes take a toll on your body. Our Max AC Vitamin Injections make the process of shedding unwanted pounds more efficient and healthy. Used independently or in conjunction with other injections, the Max AC Vitamin Injections will complement your existing diet and workout routine.
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  2. Glutathione Vitamin Injection Kit
    Often times, our bodies can benefit from a detoxification. The effects of things like stress, illnesses, narcotics, medications, inadequate diet, and injuries build up and damage our overall health. By cleansing your system, you are able to start over – refreshed and rejuvenated. Glutathione – a naturally occurring substance – can do all that and more. Our powerful injections provide both antioxidants and an essential boost to the immune system.
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  3. Calm Vitamin Injection Kit
    Often times, life can be overwhelming. The psychological aspects of stress and anxiety are often manifested in physical ways – headaches, migraines, muscle tension, difficulty sleeping and more. Our Calm Injections do just what the name implies – calm your stress, anxiety and aching muscles. Our innovative use of natural ingredients will relax your muscles and instigate the secretion of growth hormones which will help you sleep better.
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  4. Thermal Vitamin Injection Kit

    The combination of the natural aging process and life’s never-ceasing demands can leave our brains feeling used and abused. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to experience mental clarity and improved concentration?! With Thermal Vitamin Injections, that mental calm IS possible! We’ve combined B vitamins and various amino acids that yield effective results – improved cellular activity and increased blood flow to the brain. This stimulation will improve brain function and provide the mental stability you’ve been craving! 

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  5. Trim Immune KIT

    Trim Immune KIT

    Good for cold sores and other viral ailments as well as general Immune Support. This injection is the best choice for immune support.
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  6. Complete Vitamin Injection  KIT
    This combination offers excellent coverage of the B vitamins and is a popular choice for those looking for general nutrition supplementation. TRIM Complete is an expansion of the original TRIM Injection with the addition of the rest of the B Complex Vitamins.
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