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Vitamin B12 Injections

B12 InjectionsIf you are seeking to purchase premium, vitamin B12 injections that are compounded in a certified, licensed pharmacy, then our Vitamin B12 Shots are your best choice. In addition to the standard Cyanocobalamin, Trim Nutrition provides a whole suite of injections that contain the vitamin B12. Our various vitamin combinations can be used to aid in weight loss and for general vitamin supplementation. Some are specifically formulated to address specific ailments. These premium b12 injections are the best option for vitamin availability when compared to liquid, capsules, and pills. Isn't time you start absorbing 100% of what you're paying for? Contact us if you have any questions about administering a B12 shot.

In order to function at an optimum level, the body needs an ample supply of vitamin B12. This essential component is responsible for: assisting with digestion, developing and maintaining healthy red blood cells, facilitating prime nervous system functions and maintaining a normal metabolism.

Our B12 injections are used for a variety of purposes. Each injectable has been expertly designed to address specific ailments. In addition to assisting with general vitamin supplementation, our B12 injections are also used for weight loss, increased energy, anti-aging and more.

Vitamin B12 shots are the dieting aid of choice for many with successful weight loss stories. B12 injections offer weight loss solutions that utilize the natural properties of a vitamin over the potential toxins of other weight loss aids. Additionally, dieters appreciate the effectiveness of vitamin B12 for weight loss. The supplement increases metabolism, boosts energy levels, decreases hunger pangs, and encourages normal sleep patterns – making dieter more rested and motivated to adhere to their weight loss journey. vitamin B12 injections provide a sustained and powerful boost of vitamin B12 that can last as much as a week.

Below please find information on the different types of Vitamin B12 Injections available from us.
All compounded in a certified and licensed pharmacy, each Trim creation is specifically designed to meet different needs

  1. Methylcobalamin Max  50,000 mcg KIT
    Trim Methylcobalamin is our most popular B12 supplement, and our injection provides better absorption than other forms and aids in improving your metabolism and health.
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  2. The Original Vitamin Injection Kit
    Our Original Vitamin Injections can be thought of as the basic building-blocks of health. We combine two of the most essential nutrients – vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. Significant research has proven that these are two of the most powerful ingredients when it comes to preventative health. Vitamins B6 and B12 work in conjunction to optimize brain function and prevent late-life illnesses like Alzheimer ’s disease. Our injections are also a highly effective weight tool because they help regulate your metabolism and boost energy.
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  3. Methylcobalamin Vitamin B12 Injection Kit
    Our Methylcobalamin Vitamin B12 Injections are the most effective and advanced formula available. The bioavailability of these injections makes absorption faster, safer, and more efficient. As such, they have become one of the most popular and sought-after Vitamin B12 products available. Use our innovative formula to sleep better, feel more energized, experience a mental boost, and shed unwanted pounds.
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